Saturday, August 28, 2010

To Fuck or Not to Fuck?

Last night I was out with a good friend of mine. He was with a ridiculously cute girl who wanted to rape him.

During her trips to the bathroom, he confided he had no desire to fuck her. I thought it was stupid, but every man has to do right by himself.

Regardless, I had to know why. He said he was going through a phase where he was more interested in female friends than sex. And that's a perfectly valid reason.

But he was confused as to what to do because he was also attracted to her.

My advice: fuck her. Sex is not a life long commitment. And if she's cool enough to separate sex from love and monogamy, it's a chick you want to be friends with. And if she's not, then you found that out sooner than you would have by putting it off. That and if you avoid sex, she'll still lust after you in secret and that's not a real friendship. And that's assuming she's willing to stay friends if sex is not an option. She has a say in remaining friends too.

Sex solves everything, especially when she's made it obvious its what she wants and you want it too, even if you're split about the decision.

Don't try to control the future.

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