Friday, February 26, 2010

What is attractive

In general, there are two things women (and men) find attractive. And that's what you do and how you do it. Those are two separate things - 1) what you do, and 2) how you do it.

Now, what you do is attractive to some people and unattractive to others. If you're a math professor, that will be attractive to some women and unattractive to others. Some will think its nerdy and some think nerdy is hot.

On the same note, just because a woman is not into what you do, she might be into the fact that you just plain do something, that you have a passion, and that you're unashamed of it. You own it, whatever it is. That's confidence.

Of course, some women despise both. That you're into something "weird" and that you're confident about it, that you don't give two shits about what they think about it. They want someone who is submissive and that they can control. If you're into being controlled and told what to do and like to serve others, great, you've found your niche, own it. Be confident about your need to serve and you'll be much better off. But if you have your own opinions, if you have a life you enjoy and are content with, if you enjoy your freedom and self-determination, you're better off without those women.

And the way you test for them is by doing exactly what you want and owning it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Conversation Starters

Often times I tell people just to have a normal conversation. But what is a normal conversation?

Honestly, it's hard to answer. And the answer I'm about to give is far from complete. That's why what I'm presenting are conversation starters. They help get the conversation started, but once started, become their own beast. Remember that the next time you have a conversation with anyone, stranger or friend.

The starter I'm going to describe consists of three periods of time - past, present, future. Simple, yes? Good. Simple is what we want. Simple can be molded into a variety of different shapes and sizes.

In terms of conversation, it can range from serious to boring to playful. It can range from events you do to events that do you and things you witness from the sidelines as an indirect passive observer. Remember the three periods - past, present, future.

Past - things you've done, had done to you, or witnessed. For example,

You: How was your day?
Her: Good.
You: Yeah? What'd you do today?


You: Did you watch the news today?
Her: No, why?
You: Zombies are real!

Present - things you're doing, are having done to you, or are witnessing. For example,

You: I'm working on this short story right now.
Her: Cool, what's it about?


You: I am so hungry right now, I could eat you!
Her: Like you wouldn't anyway.
You: Depends on how hairy you are.


You: What are you listening to?
Her: The Hives.
You: Never heard of them.
Her: Oh.
You: What type of music are they?
Her: Punk.
You: Are they any good?
Her: Yeah, I guess.
You: I mean, before I take your word for it, what other bands do you like?
Her: Just listen and decide for yourself, wiseguy.

Future - things you will do, want to do, will have done to you, or will witness. For example,

You: What are you waiting in line for?
Her: Inglourious Basterds.
You: I thought it was on DVD already.
Her: It's a special re-release with a Q&A with Quentin Tarantino after.


You: I want to hunt zombies one day.
Her: What's it with you and zombies?

From there, the conversation either dies or continues into whatever it continues into, depending on how much each person is willing and able to talk to the other. You can't make her want to talk, I'm not going to teach you how.

I can't teach you to make her able to talk either, but I will say ability depends on two things - her level of shyness and outgoing-ness as well as her interest in the topic. If she's interested in what you have to say, it's a pretty good sign she's interested in you to some degree. That's clicking - she clicks with you and what you have to say or do; not the other way around. Make a move when it feels right and if she's interested in that, she'll go with it. If not, she'll free you to find someone who is.

Lastly, it's important to realize that you're sometimes unable to talk to her. Maybe you just have different interests from her. You like science and zombies, she likes fashion and celebrity gossip. At which point you have to decide, are you willing to pretend to be interested in things you hate just to be with her. It's a decision only you can make.

*note, sometimes conversation starts after you make a move. However, whether you make a move or not depends not on your desire to start conversation but rather on your desire to get physical with her regardless of conversation.

**further note, conversation can relate to something said earlier or be completely random. Neither is wrong or right. They just are.

***last note, there is no sequence to this. You might talk about the future before you talk about the past. You might only talk about the present. It's completely random dictated by you and her in the moment by both of your personalities, histories, and surroundings.