Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Get Girls, the movie

Many guys in the community use movies to illustrate what a ladies man looks and acts like.

The sad part is that they use modern movies where guys don't make moves. They talk their way into a girls pants or use their looks. The problem with that is, it's fake. Brad Pitt might be able to get Flo the waitress to make a move on him. But he had to man up and make a move to get Jennifer and Angelina. And they're not going to show you that in a movie. Not when the people making movies simply have to announce what they do to get panties to drop.

If you're looking for men to model yourself after, stay away from current actors. No George Clooney, no Brad Pitt, and certainly not Matt Damon. I like Meet Joe Black as much as the next guy. But it's not what's going to get you a girl.

Instead, sign up for a Netflix account and get your hands on every Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and Kirk Douglas movie you can.

Get over the fact that they're black and white and shot almost 80 years ago. Human nature is timeless, and if you want to learn how to be a take charge kind of guy, they're the ones to show you...in a movie.

They each have something modern society loves to hate and hates to love (but still secretly desires) - masculinity.


  1. I kept trying to think of a recent movie, that portrays a man facing rejections, until he finds the woman he wants, that wants him too. Couldn't think of one.

    I was going to say Harrison Ford as Han Solo (Indiana Jones too) in Star Wars, but a new trilogy for a new era, brought....Hayden Christensen. Right.

    The classic American leading man has also been outsourced, to a degree, to the Russell Crowes and Christian Bales of the world.

    I hate to say, but one of my favorite movies last year, was 500 Days of Summer. I related to the young adult male character, who got depressed, when he couldn't handle his indepedent female love interests desire for something other than him.

  2. I liked the "moral" of 500 Days of Summer, it was just very agonizing for me to watch.

    Scott Pilgrim, on the other hand, is a brilliant movie (for many reasons), even if Michael Cera isn't what's typically considered a masculine man.