Thursday, December 31, 2009

The No Words Kiss

It's New Year's Eve and everyone everywhere is going to be kissing someone. Well not everyone, but just go with it.

Here's how to get yours.

Find a girl who is by herself, single or not (what kind of douche boyfriend isn't by his girl at countdown anyway?). When the countdown ends grab her by the waist and pull her in to you, facing you. She'll be startled. Good. Look at her in the eyes for exactly 1.2 seconds. It should be like you've not eaten in a month and you just spotted a tasty hambgurger with boobs. It's all animal instinct at this point. Then put your lips to hers. Done.

It also works if you do it when the countdown begins and you look in each others eyes as you countdown to the New Year. In fact, it's much more powerful because you're making your intentions known while giving her the chance (a ten second-chance) to push you away while showing how committed you are to kissing her (don't blink, figuratively speaking) - and having her kiss you.

Whereas the end of the countdown pull says you want to kiss, the start of the countdown pull says you want to kiss her. And that kiss is far, far, more passionate.

Happy New Year!