Friday, September 24, 2010

Sex Tip#3

When you are ready to close, do not ask for her number. Do not ask for a date. Only ask her back to your place or hers. Sex is the only close that counts. If she rejects your offer of sex and does not provide an appealing alternative (like a date or number), find another girl.


  1. how soon can I close for sex? if you say that I should close for sex when I'm ready to close, is that after 15 minutes of talking or 5 minutes or any length of time?

    why not just approach them and invite them back to my place?

    and thanks for responding to my other comment, i'll send you the results.

  2. As soon as you are turned on (ie, thinking about sex while interacting with her) and want to have sex with her. It may be instantaneously. It may be never. It may be somewhere inbetween.