Monday, September 27, 2010

Mission 3

So you've gotten good at getting phone numbers and dates, but you still aren't getting laid, so what are you doing wrong?

Nothing. Or everything.

Do the girls know that they're on a date with you and not simply hanging out with a friend? Really? You used the word "date" and have not hidden it behind humor or sarcasm so as to diffuse its meaning?

A girl has to know your desire for her. Sometimes you use clear unambiguous words. And you always back it up with action.

Take for example the phrase "Yeah, I want to fuck you."

Try saying it sarcastically. Right now. Sitting right there. Say it out loud or in your head.

It will probably sound something like this:

"Sshhheaaah. I want to fuck you" *eye roll*

The words were fast, lots of variation in tone of voice and facial expression.

Now trying saying it as if you really meant it.

It will probably sound something like this:

*look into her eyes*
*glance down to her lips*
*your eyes slowly drift back to her eyes*
"I want to fuck you"

You'll probably say it softer, kinder, and slower. Of course, that's not the only way to say it. You may say it without using any words. You may use different words.

But your actions and tone of voice would likely be only slightly different.

And that's what mission three is about. Being sexual.

With every girl you meet and are attracted to, you are to be sexual with them. You may choose to wait until you're on a date or seem to be clicking, you may choose to start immediately.

The point here isn't to avoid rejection. If she's not interested, you will be rejected, make no doubt about it. But that's the point. You want to sort out the ones who are interested from the ones who aren't.

And I will say that the sooner she rejects you because of your sexual advances, the better.

Why waste time on a girl who isn't interested?

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