Saturday, October 24, 2009

An exercise in logic

Here's an exercise in logic for you - humans (including women) are either always attractive, always unattractive, or sometimes unattractive and sometimes attractive.

If they last option is true, it means even the hottest girl is unattractive at times. And if you can't get past the fact that she is hot to see it, you have no hope in seeing her as human. But if you do see her as human and are able to see her flaws, you understand she is no better or worse than you (because all humans are equal) and what matters is finding out whether she is compatible with you as a person and not an accessory (because humans are not accessories), rendering game unneccesary (you don't run game to make friends, do you?).

But if you consider humans always attractive, then you have to consider yourself as always attractive as well, and game is therefore unneccessary.

Yet if you consider humans as always unattractive, then game is not necessary because why would you try to be with someone you consider unattractive?

When you start seeing women as people whose company is either enjoyable or not both inside and outside the bedroom, your fortunes with them will improve dramatically.

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