Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the keys to power 3

the first key to power is power over oneself. you get shit done even if the rest of the world around you is going to shit. the second key to power is valuing what you have to offer others. when you ask favors of others, you have something to give them in return.

the third key to power is strategic. if you're an anime nerd like me, you've probably seen Full Metal Alchemist. in it, they talk about the law of equivalent exchange. that is, an exchange being only effective if the things being exchanged are of equal value. an eye for an eye, a toy for a toy, etc.

and while you can get along in the world making equal trades, it does not amass power. power is amassed in the same way wealth is, through profit. that is, in order to gain power, you must give less than you receive. equivalent exchange doesn't work for power. people have to give you more than they take from you.

why does this make you powerful? why does giving less than you receive build your power? because you don't need anything from anyone. the first key to power allows you to do for yourself. so whether others aid you or not, you will get the job done. and the second key to power allows you to place a value on what you have to offer others. when they seek assistance from you or when they assist you, it's because you have something to offer them.

it will feel like they're getting more than they paid for. if they ask for an inch, you give half an inch, but to them it will feel like you're giving a mile. that's just how much you value your half-inch.

the last key to power, then, is about realizing what you have to offer them is worth more than they have to offer you. you will get your shit done with or without them. but if they want your help, they have to be willing to pay the price for your services to get it.

the third key to power is giving less than you receive. because the little you do give is worth as much if not more than the lot that others give.

next: the door to power, because what good are the keys if you have no door to use them on?

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