Wednesday, July 1, 2009

go for what you want

as a man, it is important to be completely honest about what you want. i say man and not adult because women can be wishy washy and if they have a man in their life, he'll provide them with what they want and need.

but as a man, you have to be honest with yourself about what you want because no one is going to give it to you. after being honest with yourself, you have to go for it as directly and simply as possible. you have to take it. if you want food, you go to the fridge, restaurant, or supermarket--depending on what you want. obstacles might arise. obstacles such as walking, driving, or paying. you address those obstacles and you go for what you want--food.

with women, it is exactly the same. if you want sex and only sex, start by being honest with the girl. that doesn't mean saying "i'm only interested in fucking you." that's retarded--however retarded does work. but my point is don't set up a dinner date where you'll need conversation. instead, do drinks and dancing at a local club. maybe go to the park and lie in each other's arms under a tree. and if you do dinner and end up seated at opposite ends and conversation is a must, forget the life stories. focus on flirting and making things sexual.

why? because you don't care about anything else but the sex anyway. so why waste time? if she's into it, she'll go with it. if she's not, she won't. quit fearing rejection.

instead, as a friend of mine said, seek out rejection. it makes clear what obstacles and objections stand in your way. some cannot be overcome. some can. but now you know the path you must take.

if you want only sex or sex before anything else, seek out sex as directly and simply as possible. be sexual. look at her sensually. stand close. touch her. caress her. smell her. take in her body using all five of your senses. watch how she comes alive. either she will force you away or draw you in further.

if you want a girlfriend, do the dinner thing, get to know her, find out if she's right for you. then get sexual.

but here is where this rule breaks down and acts funky. because as the same friend said, sex is the reward we give girls. that is, everything girls do is in order to get sex. and more often than not, it is better to get sexual with a girl before getting to know her. it can often be impossible to truly know her until after you have had sex with her because she won't let you in until her needs are satisfied.

the obstacle that stands in your way of getting a girlfriend is her desire for sex which is stronger than her desire for a relationship or even finding a decent guy. as a woman, she doesn't have to be direct about what she wants. she just has to say yes or no to anything or anyone that stands before her because as a woman, things will present themselves to her. guys with and without balls will ask her out. she doesn't have to worry about food or entertainment because they'll take her out to dinner and a movie. and that's fantastic for her.

but as a man, you do not have such luxuries. and in your direct pursuit of finding the right girl, you will have to sleep with many women before you find her. in my opinion, that's not a bad thing at all.

go for what you really want as directly and as simply as possible. go for sex.

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